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Copy & Concept │ Working for a high-volume, high-quality, sales-driven agency has its challenges. Navigating the case for content between three objectives (retailer, brand and customer) requires consistency and a sense of humor. So we created an internal micro-site to bring the content conversation to the company in a personal, accessible way. It serves like a publication―to flex our editorial penmanship, of course―and we themed it after a city center, approriately naming it the "Writers' Block." I designed, developed and wrote the copy for this "What we do and how we do it" section, titled "The Market." It details our team's capabilities and strategy process.

4-20-2017 1-02-14 PM4-20-2017 1-02-14 PM
Content Team WHAT 5Content Team WHAT 5

Paint the Town Red, Northwest Arkansas

Copy & Concept │ This piece was published in a booklet for NW Arkansas' 2014 Paint the Town Red event. Themed after a not-to-be-named (and rarely seen) British street artist, we artfully played off both the name and cause of the event.


2014 March AdTalk, St. Petersburg, FL

Copy & Concept │ This microsite was built to generate murmurings about an Ad 2 event hosted by our company, Triad Retail Media. In fact, there have been murmurings in the Tampa Bay area about us for years. Most notably, for being "too big" to be taken seriosuly as a tradional creative agency. The way we saw it, some people just think too small about opportunity. So we invited all the gossip and guests to "fill in the blanks" about who we are and what we do, by experiencing our culture for themelves. The site was so well received that it's been preserved and refreshed as a recruitment site. Check it out. Even the copy is being recycled in the culture section of our company's career page.

Triad Retail Media Fill in the Blank 2016-06-09 09-47-39Triad Retail Media Fill in the Blank 2016-06-09 09-47-39
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